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New Lodge in Iceland
New Lodge in Iceland

A New Lodge in Iceland

Last fall fifteen brothers requested to the Norwegian Supreme Grand Lodge to establish a new lodge, a lodge no. 4 in Iceland with location in Reykjanesbær.
On February 20th a letter was received from the Norwegian Supreme Grand Lodge, approving our request on establishing a new lodge, lodge no. 58, and the date of establishment should be set on September 7th 2013.

In light of this joyous news the brothers started preparations to establish the lodge. The start was finding appropriate housing along with the recruiting of more brothers started; the brothers are now 18 and 2 more await admission in the fall.  Then a perfect 184 fm office space was found, it was formerly owned by the US army based in Keflavík. Work on refurbishing the house has begun and the goal is to have it ready for opening on the establishment date September 7th 2013.

The house on the prairie

Considerable restructuring is need on the interior of the house, the external was in better shape and not in need of retouching. On the interior needed excessive retouching, taking down the ceiling, changing the electricity, taking down walls, ripping of carpets and refurbishing the heat system. After all the tearing down, the development started full force and enjoy the benefits of our brothers that have learned the skills required for this great job, this is all done with great joy and pleasure in our hearts.

Day 1, tearing down   Day 2, building up

The strength and joy of the brothers building our lodgehouse will hopefully lead to strong work in our organization and be an inspiration to other brothers.

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